With property insurance, this is something we purchase hoping that we’ll never need. Although we’re paying premiums every single month, we would still be happy enough if the policy went unused because this means that nothing has gone wrong with our home. However, sometimes things do go wrong, and this is why we cannot take the risk of living without insurance.

Making a Claim

When filing a claim, the insurance company will send an adjuster to estimate the cost of repairs. From here, the provider will decide on whether or not to grant your claim. To stand the best chance of recuperating the amount you feel you owe, it’s important to submit evidence.

If we take a step back for a moment, it’s pivotal that you call the police for theft, vandalism, and in cases where there’s clearly a guilty party involved. Alternatively, it may be that a car has driven off the road and into your home and the police will be required here too. Without a police report in these circumstances, filing a claim will be difficult.

Also, remember to take photos. Even if the police have their cameras out, get your own evidence because this will be useful later. Likewise, don’t admit fault to the accident or even have a discussion that could be construed as taking the blame.

Property Damage

In the US, there are some common types of property damage that Americans face. This includes;

  • Exterior Wind Damage - During a heavy storm or extreme weather, there are certain weak points on the exterior of the house that can break. For example, it only takes one small object to be lifted and thrown towards the house for windows to smash. If you’re still in the prevention stage, we recommend covering windows if you know harsh winds are coming. Also, move planters, furniture, and anything that could cause problems.
  • Theft/Vandalism - Sadly, around 6% of all claims are thought to be a result of vandalism or theft. Again, those in the prevention stage should take an inventory of all items and even consider taking photos. Also, check your policy to ensure that personal items are covered in the event of a burglary.
  • Water Damage - Thirdly, nearly one in five claims is a result of water damage. Now, we should note that this is interior water damage because flooding isn’t normally covered with property insurance. In fact, many policies exclude indoor damage too so it’s important to check. While some are caused by leaky pipes, others are a result of damaged appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines.

The Importance of Your Policy

Often, people come to us with questions that can be answered by looking at the policy. We love helping people in their time of need, but we also recommend taking a look at your policy first. Is the damage covered? What do you need to do to file a claim? Did you breach the contract in any way?

Contacting an Attorney

If your case is particularly complex, or the insurance company is rejecting or denying your claim, please contact Cannella Legal. Especially if you deserve the full amount, you’ve been paying the premiums, and the damage should be covered under the policy, we have the experience you need to challenge the insurance company and get the money you need for repairs.

Often, it’s just the company protecting their profits and we don’t think this is right. Whether we get a settlement or go through the court system, you have our support!