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In this ever-competitive world, businesses can’t afford to lose hours let alone days and weeks. Therefore, any type of property damage can be harmful. While you’re forced to find temporary premises elsewhere, customers are left with a poor service and the impact continues to spread. With natural disasters, something completely out of your control can affect your reputation as a service and customers may choose to go elsewhere.

With social media and the accessibility of news, consumers are certainly more understanding with natural disasters. Yet, this doesn’t help when you just want to get back up and running.

Business Interruption Insurance

These days, most business owners recognize business interruption insurance as an integral policy feature. When property is damaged and you’re forced away from the premises, the idea is that you can make a claim and be compensated for this loss.

Depending on the policy in question, you may be covered for;

  • Lost cash flow and income
  • Lost rental value
  • Loss of use
  • Loss of customers
  • Cost of temporary commercial space

Although you would have preferred to avoid damage completely, it at least provides some comfort in your time of need. With hard work and determination, you’ll have the business operating as it was before in no time.

Dealing with the Claims Process

At Cannella Legal, we can help you to document all lost income and generate evidence that really shows the interruption that has occurred to the business. Regardless of your business type, our role will be to prove interruption and lost income. If the insurance company causes problems, we have the experience and knowhow to deal with this.

While you concentrate on plans to get everything back to normal, we’ll handle all the minutiae and, together, we can minimize the impact to your brand!